Friday Night Bible Study & Group Events

Our young adults Bible study group is geared toward, but not limited to, ages 18-30. We meet weekly for a verse-by-verse Bible study with Bryan Walker. The study is held at the Walker home at 7pm. For more information and address, call/text Bryan 856-217-0989. Join us for a Bible study and get connected with your peers here at CCSJ. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events and trips and  join our WhatsApp group for better connection as well!

(There is no childcare for this ministry)

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We are currently studying through the book of Revelation. For the bulk of its sixty-six books, the Bible portrays a world deep in the throes of suffering. Human beings have had a problem with sin since the fall in Genesis 3, and verse after verse has recorded our problem in detail. The brilliance of Revelation is that it provides a final answer to this problem, a hope that Jesus will once and for all heal the wounds wrought by sin (Revelation 19), reign for a thousand years on earth (Revelation 20), and then re-create the world into a place that represents God’s original design (Revelation 21–22). The Bible’s narrative is a simple one: creation, fall, re-creation. Without the completion of the redeeming work of Jesus recorded in Revelation, we wouldn’t have the end of the story, leaving our hope for the future in serious doubt.