Friday Night Bible Studies & Group Events

Our young adults Bible study group is geared toward ages 18-30. We meet weekly for a verse-by-verse Bible study with Bryan Walker. The study is held at the Walker home every Friday night at 7pm. For more information and address, call/text Bryan Walker 856-217-0989. Join us for a Bible study and get connected with your age group here at CCSJ. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events and trips! 

(There is no childcare for this ministry)


We are currently studying through the book of Colossians. This is the first of Paul's prison epistles. Though he had never visited the church in Colossae, he loved them dearly in hearing of their fruitful faith in Christ and love for each other. He wrote to combat the current false teachers of the time who were denigrating the deity of Christ and to encourage the church to endure and stick together through this attack. This book hones in on Christ's preeminence and sufficiency in all things. Paul presented Christ as the center of the universe, not only as the active creator but also as the recipient of creation. Christ was and is the image of the invisible God. Because of His divine nature, Jesus is sovereign, above all things, including the church, with an authority given Him by the Father. He has reconciled all things to Himself through His death on the cross, making believers alive to God and setting them on the path to right living. This proper view of Christ will impact every area of your life. He is more than enough!