Friday Night Bible Studies & Group Events

Our young adults Bible study group is geared toward, but not limited to, ages 18-30. We meet weekly for a verse-by-verse Bible study with Bryan Walker. The study is held at the Walker home every Friday night at 7pm. For more information and address, call/text Bryan Walker 856-217-0989. Join us for a Bible study and get connected with your peers here at CCSJ. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events and trips! 

(There is no childcare for this ministry)

Weekly Study Thru Acts Continues..


We are currently studying through the book of Acts. Acts covers the early events of the church. The Church, at least at this point, is essentially a community of people who follow Jesus. The disciple Peter becomes the founder of this church, according to Luke. While there is some missionary activity, or spreading of the gospel, in early parts of Acts, the main missionary activity happens after the conversion of Paul, a Jew who encounters the risen Jesus while traveling to, ironically, persecute Christians. During Paul's time, the Church flourishes and expands. Paul spreads the gospel and begins churches in numerous cities across Greece, Italy, and Asia (as we label the areas today), preaching to and converting Jews as well as Gentiles. After his three missionary journeys, Paul travels to Rome, where he is put under house arrest. Luke ends here as Paul has successfully taken the gospel to the ''ends of the earth.''